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As the new calendar year approaches, it's time to make space in our lives for all the goodness coming our way. By Liz Worth December 14, The truth is, the change in the calendar year is rarely a clean break. And the things you do leave behind will become important lessons and landmarks in your personal history. Cycles of time are rarely linear in astrology, either. Planets move through different parts of the sky on their own orbits. They create seasons of their own, which play out here on Earth in the conversations, trends and changes.

Some eras last longer than others. Some ideas take off, and others fall off into the ether. As we get ready forthink about what you are carrying over from What plans and projects are staying with you? Also consider what needs to be left behind.

Try to take some time to reflect on what happened for you these past 12 months: What did you learn about yourself? How did you grow? What changes did you make? What decisions did you face? InJupiter and Saturn will both be in Aquarius, inspiring each of us to create new visions of the future and carve new pathways for ourselves.

On May 13, Jupiter will enter dreamy, spiritual Pisces until July 29, allowing you to make more room in your life for creativity, inspiration and compassion. We can move into kinder, gentler times in if we allow for it. The opportunity is there, but the work rests within each of us. How you can do that this year is by taking your dreams to a new level. All signs of the zodiac can benefit from a boost of optimism, hope and faith in —faith that you have what it takes to make something special happen this year.

Work can take on new meaning in You are tired of trading your time for money and want to make a bigger difference. As comes to a close, it takes with it a challenging chapter. You had to rise up, prove yourself and stretch your limits. Now, you want to give back and be of service to others. Something to leave in Fear of visibility. Stop holding back. Get yourself out there and let your ideas be known.

Something to create space for in New relationships. You have a different set of ideas, and a different way of moving through the world, and that makes you feel out of sync sometimes. But finally, is the year when you start to feel seen and heard in ways you never have before. Finally, things can start to feel like they are flowing your way with more ease and acceptance. Stop feeling like you need to swim against the stream. Something to leave in Resentment from past misunderstandings.

Let it stay in the past. Something to create space for in You. Stop hiding behind your work, your screens or your schedule. Show a side of yourself you normally keep hidden and watch how people around you feel moved by your authenticity. Creative and spiritual expansion are two major themes for you this year, Pisces. It might not be practical to do all that you want to do, but the stars encourage you to at least try.

The universe is nudging you to honour your ideas and dreams like never before. The challenge is that there are plenty of temptations to pull you off your path, especially once we get into the spring season. Something to leave in Stop apologizing for being you. You are allowed to explore your spirituality, creativity and identity without justification. Something to create space for in Collaboration with like-minded souls.

Find people you can share and create with this year. This is the year of you, Aries. You are starting off with new determination to reclaim your true spirit and live a more authentic life. New chapters are opening up for you this year, but the best opportunities available are the ones you decide to create yourself. Boundaries and priorities are going to be major themes for you in —everything you do and accomplish this year will revolve around your ability to play by your own rules.

Something to leave in The belief that you need to be all things to all people. Something to create space for in Your mission. Focus on the one thing you believe you are here to accomplish. These changes will be particularly prominent in your career path.

You can hit on some important new concepts this year that will help you change the game at work. Speak up and share your thoughts. Voice your opinions and seek out feedback on your ideas. Something to leave in Old money habits. Look at how you can create a new relationship with money in Something to create space for in More trust in yourself.

Are you working with the right people, Gemini? Are you building community with the right friends and acquaintances? If not, you might feel stunted and stifled in your relationships this year. Going back to school, or seeking out a mentor or coach can really help you grow. But outside of your career, your social network is just as important. Seek out new connections with people who inspire you personally, too.

Something to leave in Grudges and resentments. Let go of that old, tired energy once and for all. Something to create space for in More reciprocity, respect and openness in your relationships. The challenge is whether you can embrace the potential that awaits you this year. There is no right or wrong answer here—the choice is yours.

The snag is that it might not come at the right moment—but then, there might not ever be a right time anyway. It might end up being so much better than you expect. Something to leave in Energy-draining situations. You learned a lot this year about what you want to give your time and attention to. Make sure to leave those time-sucking situations in the past. Something to create space for in Mystery and adventure. Say yes to new experiences and see where they take you.

The world needs your genius inand the stars are encouraging you to make a big statement this year. Launch that project, commit to your art or find a publisher for that amazing manuscript. This is a year to think of how your creative genius can be put to use, so start brainstorming. What do you want to make, share or show off? Stop hiding and start creating. Your audience awaits. Something to leave in Your shyness. Wait, a shy Leo? The more you get comfortable in the spotlight, the easier it will get.

Something to create space for in Your creative passions. Pick up a new hobby, or revisit an old one. Carve out space in your schedule for inspiring endeavours. Inspiration is running high for you in Where might have hindered your motivation at times, the New Year brings a change of pace. Soon, you will have ample opportunity to get back to yourself, and to pick up some passion projects that have been languishing on the sidelines.

Expect to meet the right people at the right time, and trust that your own inspiration and intuition are guiding you to the ideas you need—when you need them. Something to leave in Leave behind those arbitrary deadlines you set for yourself, and the pressure they create.

Stop forcing your life to happen under a specific timeline. Something to create space for in Ease and flow.

Kies je horoscoop Jouw daghoroscoop. Wat staat er in jouw horoscoop vandaag? LInk naar:Horoscoop Ram Ram 21 mrt — 19 apr. Dit is niet de dag om voor de wind te buigen. Mensen zullen proberen je onder druk te zetten om dingen te doen die je niet wilt doen. Opkomen voor jezelf. Kaart van de Dag De kluizenaar Rust uit maar bereid je voor op het nieuwe spoor. Dit kun je doen door je zelf tot een onbeschreven blad te maken. Laat alles wat je tot nu toe bezig hield van je afglijden en maak je geest leeg.

Op deze manier komt van zelf de inspiratie die je nodig hebt. Wacht op een teken het komt van zelf. Hoe meer je je ontspant hoe korter de wacht tijd. Jouw dagelijkse Tarotkaart Het oordeel Je hebt al heel veel bereikt, je hebt hard gewerkt en het is tijd om uit te rusten.

Toch rest je nog een laatste opdracht. Ook al heb je je doel bereikt, je merkt dar er nog aan je getrokken wordt. Het is tijd om je verleden te evalueren. Dit is nodig om er helemaal vrij van te worden. Door het verleden te herbeleven, hef je de laatste blokkades op en gooi je de laatste ballast van je schouders.

Het verleden nog eens dunnetjes overdoen kan pijnlijk zijn, maar het zal ook heilzaam zijn, want je komt er zo los van. Doorleef je verleden, wat je hebt meegemaakt en wat eventueel nog pijn doet. Doe dit rustig aan, verlang niet te veel tegelijk van jezelf. Geef jezelf daar praktische taken in en probeer zoveel mogelijk om de positieve kanten van deze opdracht te zien. Jouw advies Kies 1 kaart. Quote van de dag "Er zijn mensen die alleen de moed ontbreekt om gelukkig te zijn.

Of je nu een Zodiac beginner bent op zoek naar een gratis daghoroscoop, weekhoroscoop, maandhoroscoop, jaarhoroscoop of chinese horoscopen bijvoorbeeld Rat, Hond, Aap, Geit, Paard, Haan, Varken of Slang of gewoon op zoek bent naar antwoorden op de moeilijkste vragen van het leven, we zijn hier om je te helpen de punten te verbinden — ongeacht je sterrenbeeld.

Wij geven advies voor alle sterrenbeelden: ram, stier, tweeling, kreeft, leeuw, maagd, weegschaal, schorpioen, boogschutter, steenbok, waterman en vissen kunnen bij ons terecht. Wij ontsluiten de mysteries van het universum met astrologie, liefde, tarot, tarotkaarten en paragnostische lezingen. Ontdek alles wat je moet weten over je sterrenbeeld, inclusief met wie je compatibel bent, wat je in de slaapkamer wenst en wie je moet vermijden!

Uit de sterrenbeeld van vandaag kun je per sterrenbeeld informatie halen over je gevoelsleven, je financiën, je gezondheid voedingwerk en opleidingen en relaties. Met de sterrenbeeld krijg je meer inzichten in de bovengenoemde onderwerpen. Welke niet je keuzes in je leven gaan bepalen, maar je inzicht gaan geven in het bewust worden van de keuzes die je maakt in je leven. Uit een sterrenbeeld kun je lezen of bepaalde acties gunstig zijn of juist niet.

Maar ook welke onderwerpen nu erg spelen, de ene dag ligt meer de nadruk op gezondheid en de andere dag ligt meer de nadruk op werk en financiën. Dan kun je daar rekening mee houden en ga je bewuster de dag beleven. Dit geeft ons leidraad en houvast in een toch al drukke en een met veel afleiding bestaand leven. Neem ook een kijkje bij onze lieve Duitse vrienden van Horoskop en onze Franse vrienden van Horoscope.

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Stand van de planeten. De Vissen-Maan vormt positieve verbindingen met Saturnus en de Zon. Kaart van de Dag. De kluizenaar Rust uit maar bereid je voor op het nieuwe spoor. Jouw dagelijkse Tarotkaart. Het oordeel Je hebt al heel veel bereikt, je hebt hard gewerkt en het is tijd om uit te rusten.

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