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To begin with, the best thing about is that it is not anymore, which may have been a challenging year in more ways than one. However, the more distance you gain from last year the more you will realise how empowering and opportune it actually was, appreciating in hindsight not only the inner power and resilience this has given you but the opportunities this has created. Saturn not only left Capricorn in the closing weeks of but Jupiter as well, wrapping up the 12 month foundation of a new 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion.

If your future was a building you have spent the last three years dealing with consents and then getting down in the muck, digging and pouring the foundations by hand. Now the building can rise upwards, knowing that while it was hard work and challenging, the last few years and in particular, were spent creating the kind of foundations that will support your future.

Once Saturn and Jupiter leave Capricorn, which was the first time in six decades this has happened at the same time, it was to begin the 'flowering phase'. This is the year when most of the seeds planted in the past will start to bear fruit, when life becomes easier and more abundant. This is likely to be a lucrative year, with Jupiter and Saturn now in your income sector but it is not just about the money, with things coming to bloom across all aspects and in all the currencies of your life.

This is the year when you get to reap the rewards for the challenges and hard work of the past, especially personally. This is also going to be a fast and vibrant year, with Jupiter leaving your income sector on 14th May to join Neptune in your communication sector, putting the planets of luck and dreams together here for the first time in our lifetime.

Jupiter will back out and return to your income sector on 29th July but will return to your communication sector on 29th December. In all, Jupiter will return to your communication sector, a smart, intellectually savvy and articulate part of your chart three times over the course of and In addition, after spending the second half of going backwards and forwards over the same ground, Mars will visit nine areas of your chart this year.

The only parts he won't visit are Capricorn, your income and communication sector which Jupiter and Saturn have covered.

GET the bells out! They say hindsight isand, as this miserable year moves into the rear-view mirror, we can begin looking forwards again. After a proper annus horribilis, a spectacular event I've dubbed the Arc of Aquarius will shine overbringing brilliant flashes of innovation and the renewal of hope. So what is the Arc of Aquarius? Well, it's a celestial event we haven't experienced for decades: a 'stellium', where a remarkable gathering of planets converges in Aquarius in February.

As well as this, Aquarius's modern and traditional rulers, Uranus and Saturn, will lock in a year-long dance, meaning inspiration and breakthroughs are high on the cosmic agenda - making plenty of reasons to expect exciting changes and opportunities in Indeed, with Aquarian themes dominating the next year, we won't be held back by convention. The cosmos is in our corner inencouraging us to make better, longer-lasting choices that will improve all our interactions - especially in love and romance.

That's not to say we can simply return to pre-pandemic life. But brings the tools to build a new, bright future; plus opportunities to regain a sense of freedom and optimism. When the Solar Eclipse, which will be visible in UK skies, arrives in June, we may not be virus-free, but society will be so much better equipped to deal with the consequences we'll dare to dream again. Aquarius might not be the most emotionally expressive sign of the zodiac, but lockdowns have reminded us all of the need we share for human contact.

Of course, lockdown restrictions won't disappear overnight. Some emotional challenges will take time to heal. But inrelationships needn't be Covid casualties or collateral damage. The auspicious Arc highlights opportunities for love to blossom. Established partnerships will find fresh ways to have fruitful fun, and anyone looking for love should be ready for exciting encounters in the most surprising places As I revealed on Saturday, the Arc of Aquarius - a series of planets and aspects in the sign of the water bearer - shines over the entire year, bringing opportunities for anyone with an innovative approach to progress.

Jupiter's meetings with Pluto, which often coincide with financial panic and fears for survival, are firmly behind us. And, as Jupiter begins its first journey through Pisces for more than a decade, if we roll up our sleeves we'll find ways to triumph and prosper. Distinctly different ways to maintain our economies will transform how we work and play.

The pandemic squeeze restricted how we earn, spend, and have fun. But the Arc of Aquarius - which was sparked into action by the December Solstice's Great Conjunction, when Jupiter signifying wealth, growth, luck converged with Saturn work, responsibility, achievement - gives a powerful cosmic signal.

We're on track to get our mojo back. Economists have been talking about a 'bounce-back' economy for months. But with lucky, playful Jupiter taking centre stage, any bounces will propel us forwards. The new year is about embracing innovative ideas, rather than scurrying back to outmoded ways.

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