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Ogni ciclo ha una durata di 60 anni, durante i quali si alternano 12 settori, ognuno della durata di un anno lunare che consta di giorni. Ogni settore, quindi ogni anno, è associato a un animale 1e ogni animale ha caratteristiche che si riferiscono a uno dei cinque elementi Acqua, Metallo, Fuoco, Terra e Legno che abbiamo più volte trattato.

Per gli orientali il succedersi di tali segni è determinato dalla data della prima luna nuova, nel nuovo anno lunare, e quindi non coincide con il primo Gennaio, come invece per il mondo occidentale. Share on Facebook Share. Share on Twitter Tweet.

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Answers App. Feng Shui is literally translated as Wind Water. It is a method of investigating geographical features used in site selection and construction of dwellings, cities, and tombs, etc. Its core concept is the harmonious coexistence between human beings and nature. History Feng Shui has a very long history.

As early as in the Zhou Dynasty — BCpeople used methods of observing soil, tasting water, and investigating terrain to choose the ideal base. In the Warring States Period — BCthe famous militarist and politician of the Qin State, Yan Junji predicted the future by observing the geographical features. Different Schools As time passed by, FengShui developed into many different schools. The existing two main schools are Xingshi School and Liqi School.

Xingshi School focuses on the study of mountains and rivers and site selection for architecture. Its main method is examining soil and tasting water andfollowers advocate that houses should be built at the mountain foot, encircled by mountains, exposed to the sun, and facing water. The famous tool of Liqi School isthe FengShui compass. In history, famous FengShui experts are well versed in both Xingshi and Liqi theories. Major Principles No matter what school of FengShui they share major principles such as, in accordance with local conditions, leaning against mountains, facing waters, and facing south during site selection and construction work, etc.

Feng Shui Decorations They are used in daily lives to bring good luck in health, finance, relationships, and career,drive off evil spirits, and break taboos. Feng Shui and Architecture When talking about Chinese architecture, especially ancient Chinese architecture, FengShui is sure to be mentioned. It can be said that FengShui is the key part of ancient Chinese architecture, which is also widely used in modern architecture. However, supporters think that it is an interdisciplinary branch concerning geophysics, hydrogeology, meteorology, architecture, and ecology.

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