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As such, spoilers will be present within the article. Harry James [59] Potter b. Harry's birth was overshadowed by a prophecynaming either himself or Neville Longbottom as the one with the power to vanquish Lord Voldemort.

After half of the prophecy was reported to Voldemort, courtesy of Severus SnapeHarry was chosen as the target due to his many similarities with the Dark Lord. In turn, this caused the Potter family to go into hiding. Voldemort made his first vain attempt to circumvent the prophecy when Harry was a year and three months old. During this attempt, he murdered Harry's parents as they tried to protect him, but this unsuccessful attempt to kill Harry led to Voldemort's first downfall.

This downfall marked the end of the First Wizarding Warand to Harry henceforth being known as the "Boy Who Lived", [5] as he was the only known survivor of the Killing Curse. One consequence of Lily's loving sacrifice was that her orphaned son had to be raised by her only remaining blood relative, his Muggle aunt, Petunia Dursley. While in her care he would be protected from Lord Voldemort, due to the Bond of Blood charm Albus Dumbledore placed upon him.

Due to Petunia's resentment of her sister and her magic gifts, Harry grew up abused and neglected. On his eleventh birthday, Harry learned that he was a wizard, from Rubeus Hagrid. The Sorting Hat hat told Harry that he would do well in Slytherin Housebut Harry pleaded 'not Slytherin' and the Hat heeded this plea, instead sorting the young wizard into Gryffindor House. He later became the youngest Quidditch Seeker in over a century and eventually the captain of the Gryffindor House Quidditch Team in his sixth yearwinning two Quidditch Cups.

In his fourth year, Harry won the Triwizard Tournamentalthough the competition ended with the tragic death of Cedric Diggory and the return of Lord Voldemort. During the next school year, Harry reluctantly taught and led Dumbledore's Army. He also fought in the Battle of the Department of Mysteriesduring which he lost his godfather, Sirius Black. Harry played a significant role in many other battles of the Second Wizarding War.

He, Ron, and Hermione hunted down and destroyed Voldemort's Horcruxes. He encountered Voldemort and nearly sacrificed himself, knowing that his doing so was the only way to destroy the fragment of Voldemort's soul inside of him. In limboafter Voldemort cursed him in the forest clearingAlbus Dumbledore gave Harry advice and background information on the Dark Lord.

When told he could choose to live or to "move on", Harry chose to live. After he awoke, Harry confronted Voldemort and defeated him once and for all. Harry was also noted for being the only known Master of Deathhaving united the three Deathly Hallows at the mere age of seventeen. After the war, Harry became an Auror and helped reform and revolutionise the Ministry of Magic. He was also named the godfather of Edward "Teddy" Remus Lupin. Lily and James went into hiding in late when they discovered she was pregnant.

For Harry's first birthday, Sirius bought him a toy broomstick. In Lily's letter to Sirius, it mentioned that this broomstick had been Harry's favourite present and that he had smashed a horrible vase that had been a gift from Petunia.

In the letter, Lily also included a picture of Harry flying around on the broom and James chasing after him. Lily also stated in the letter that Harry looked pleased with himself while flying around on the toy broom. Lily and James also hosted a very quiet birthday tea. The only ones in attendance were them, Harry, and Bathilda Bagshot. Bathilda also used to dote on infant Harry. The Potters owned a cat, but it is unknown what happened to it after Voldemort's attack. Voldemort arriving at Godric's Hollowplanning to murder infant Harry.

To keep them safe from Lord Voldemortwho had marked them for death after hearing of a prophecy regarding his downfall at the hands of a male child born at the end of July inAlbus Dumbledore suggested they use the Fidelius Charm. On Sirius' advice, they changed this designation to Peter Pettigrewwho they thought would be less suspicious. Harry as an infant facing death for the first time at the hands of Lord Voldemort. He murdered James first, who tried to distract the Dark Lord; unfortunately, he did not have his wand with him and was killed immediately.

Voldemort then advanced on Lily, who died trying to protect Harry. When Voldemort attempted the curse on Harry it backfired on the caster and instead of murdering Harry, Voldemort lost all his powers and his physical form was obliterated.

Voldemort was saved from death by the five Horcruxes he had made up to that point, including his diaryGaunt's ringSlytherin's locketHufflepuff's cupand Ravenclaw's diadem. This gave him some of Voldemort's abilities such as the ability to speak Parseltongue. This event made Harry the only person to have survived the Killing Curse, thus giving him the title the "Boy Who Lived".

The failed curse left a lightning-bolt scar on his forehead marking him as Voldemort's equal. The scar would be a bane and also a blessing to Harry in the years to come, as it opened a telepathic link between Lord Voldemort and himself, giving each some awareness of each other's thoughts.

Rubeus Hagrid delivering baby Harry to 4 Privet Drive. Rubeus Hagrid rescued Harry from the house, partially destroyed by Voldemort's faulty killing curse, and was given specific orders from Albus Dumbledore to take him to his aunt and uncle. As Hagrid left, he was intercepted by Sirius Blacka close friend of the Potters, who pleaded for Hagrid to give the baby to him, as he was the chosen guardian in the event of James and Lily's death.

Hagrid refused, saying that he was under orders from Dumbledore to take Harry to his relatives. Sirius, though reluctant, relented and gave Hagrid his flying motorcycle to take Harry to Privet Driveand left to find Peter Pettigrewwho subsequently faked his death and framed Sirius for his death and the death of twelve Muggles.

Hagrid delivered Harry to Dumbledore late on the evening of 1 November Instead, Harry spent the next decade of his life in their strict and miserable home without knowing that he was a wizard. As Harry's aunt and uncle, the Dursleyswere Mugglesand they had no understanding of magic, and even though his aunt and uncle knew about his lineage, they wanted absolutely nothing to do with it.

The Dursleys proudly considered themselves a "normal" family and despised anything out of the ordinary. They lied to Harry about his parents' death, claiming they had died in a car crash. They also claimed that the lightning-bolt scar on Harry's forehead which he had received from Voldemort's failed Killing Curseand could vaguely recall as if he 'strained his memory' a green flash of light and a high, cold, laugh.

Petunia and Vernon forbade Harry from asking questions, particularly those regarding his parents. In addition, the Dursleys refused to have pictures of Lily and James, and did their best to avoid the subject of Harry's parents altogether. They resented Harry for his magicwhich was sporadic, but evident and strongly discouraged any sort of imagination. They neglected Harry, verbally and emotionally abused him, and inflicted cruel punishments like depriving him of meals and locking him into the cupboard under the stairs on him whenever something "unusual" occurred.

Their behaviour was left unreported to authorities. In his youth, Harry could make strange things happen without understanding why he could, as no one had told him that he was a wizard. For instance, after Petunia had sheared off all of his messy hair using a pair of kitchen scissors in her fury that it would not lay flat, leaving him almost completely bald with only the fringe at the front, it had grown all the way back, and to its previous messy state at that, by the next morning. Harry was punished, even though he had not done anything on purpose.

Another time, Dedalus Diggle bowed to him in a shop, and Petunia furiously interrogated Harry as to know how he knew the man before leaving the shop hastily. The Dursleys spoiled and pampered their son Dudley and paid almost no attention to Harry; indeed, what little attention they did pay to him was negative in its entirety. All his clothes were hand-me-downs from Dudley and were far too large for Harry.

He was made to sleep in the Cupboard Under the Stairswhile his cousin got two bedrooms to himself one for sleeping in and one for storing all his toys. They also made Harry do household chores for them, such as making food and getting the post. In time, Dudley started bullying Harry. The Dursleys took Dudley and Piers Polkiss to someplace spectacular every year for his birthday, but the only thing Harry ever got for his birthday was one of Vernon's old socks or a coat hanger.

The Dursleys always hid evidence of Harry's existence by not having pictures of him in the house. Among the few people who did know about Harry were Petunia's friend Yvonne and Vernon's sister Margethe latter of whom the boy was forced to consider an aunt to him despite not being a relative of his. Aunt Marge showed the most dislike for the frail boy while visiting Privet Drive during Dudley Dursley's fifth birthdaywhen she whacked Harry around the shins to stop him from beating Dudley at musical statuesand on holidays like Christmas, when she brought a computerised robot for Dudley and a box of dog biscuits for Harry.

Dudley laughed himself silly at the sight of his cousin then, and to the Dursleys' delight, Marge refused to call Ripper off until past midnight. Harry's hardship, however, was highly necessary as by returning to live with his mother's only living blood relative, the protection that Lily gave Harry would continue. While Harry could call that place home he could not be harmed.

However, the Bond of Blood charm would be broken when Harry turned seventeen years old, or when he no longer called 4 Privet Drive his home. Unknown to Harry, one of his neighbours, Arabella Figgwas a Squib. Unfortunately for Harry, to maintain favour with the Dursleys, she was forced by Albus Dumbledore to give him a lousy time whenever she had to look after him, as the Dursleys would never have let him go if they knew Harry was enjoying himself, a possibility that infuriated them.

Harry discovered her connection to the wizarding world when it was revealed during the summer before his fifth year that she worked undercover for the Order of the Phoenix to keep tabs on Harry's suffering. Potter speaking Parseltongue to a boa constrictor at the zoo. Unfortunately for the Dursleys, they had to take Harry with them, as Mrs Figg had broken her leg and there was no one to take Harry, and they refused to leave him alone in their house.

At the zoo, Harry spoke with a boa constrictor and unintentionally made the glass of its enclosure disappear. This allowed the snake to slither out of his cage which scared Dudley into thinking it was after him. Harry was able to communicate in Parseltongue with the freed boa, which thanked Harry briefly, then slithered out of the reptile house calmly. Harry's primary school teacher panicking after he accidentally turned her wig blue.

Harry attended St. Grogory's Primary School[75] a Muggle primary school, with Dudley. He had no friends there, since all the students were afraid of Dudley's gangall of whose members hated Harry because Dudley did. In particular, Dudley's friends liked to play a unique game — ' Harry Hunting ' — which involved chasing Harry. Although he was good at sports, he was always the last picked for a team because no one wanted to admit to Dudley that they liked him, rather than because he was no good.

Harry got decent, if not good grades at school. On one occasion, Harry accidentally turned his teacher's wig blue; on another, he accidentally apparated onto the school kitchen roof when escaping from Dudley's gang; and on a third, he made Dudley's old jumper shrink as Aunt Petunia tried to shove it over his head. These incidents always enraged the Dursleys, and after each, they would punish Harry by throwing him into the cupboard — except for after the jumper incident because Aunt Petunia thought that the jumper had shrunk in the wash.

If Harry had not gone to Hogwarts, then he would have attended Stonewall Higha Muggle secondary school that Harry dreaded attending. Harry had no birthday celebrations until the day he turned 11, which was the same day that he discovered the exceptional reality about his identity.