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First, like all astrologies, this one is full of details. There was 18 months in the aztec calendar, each with a caracteristic which color your sign dependending on the date. Born between: 2nd february to 21st february your month will be month of the water 22nd feb to 13th march : month of spring 14th march to 2nd april : month of flowers 3rd april to 22nd april : month of fields 23rd april to 12th may : month of drought 13th may to 1st june : Food, Nourishment 2nd june to 21st june : Salt 22nd june to 11 july : Maize, Corn 12th july to 31st july : Parties 01st aug.

The signs are:. This is a symbol of luck and good welfare. It is the beginning and end of all tasks. They are self-confident, self- reliant, and secure; as well as hard working and responsible, a good twosome that leads to success. Crocodiles are faithful to friends and never forgets a single detail. They are good observers and deeply analytical. The are very romantic and never commits to another person unless completely in love. He gives the best of himself to his better half. Crocodiles are always searching for a steady and lasting relationship.

He is sensual and bends over backward to sexually please his partner. It is good to give him free rein to whatever feelings lie in his heart. Crocodiles are compatible with House, Silex, Monkey, and Jaguar. HOUSE is your sign if you were born on :. This is the symbol of maternity, and this is the reason why this person is materialistic. He likes to be home and is most entertained there. He needs peace of mind and originality, as well as a job in which he can give free rein to his skills.

He is emotionally intense, extroverted, and never holds either positive or negative feelings to himself. He loves intensely and never looks back when disappointed. Houses are also unstable and unpredictable people. They need to feel the love of those around them. For them, love is meaningless without a considerable dosage of romanticism.

Very sensitive, keen to the arts and lovers of pleasures and vices. He has a powerful intuition that will save him a few problems and annoyances if he gets carries away with it. He has a ragged look despite the fact that the bottom of his heart is teeming with love and affection.

He needs loving care. He is a fancy and original lover, and forces his partner to give him something different all the time, otherwise he gets bored and disappointed. He must try to keep his temper and plan his time better. SNAKE is your sign if you were born on :. The symbol of fertility. These are people who believe in long-term planning as the key to future benefits.

They like occultism, and are close-knit to relatives and friends. Snake is compatible to Eagle, Dog, Snake, and Jaguar. DEER is your sign if you were born o n :. Brisk, fast thinking people full of optimism and joy. Nice and kind, talkative and peace lovers. They like having plenty of friends and have a strong gift of gab. They are efficient workers, and their ambition helps them to succeed in the workplace and carry out great personal deeds.

They love being in direct contact with nature. They are shy lovers, therefore never give the best of themselves, nor enjoy a relationship to the utmost. When they fall in love, they never think their partners are in love, too, and this fear winds up throwing the relationship down the drain. Deer are highly sentimental and get hurt easily. The symbol of sun, kindness of heart, good health, perseverance, success and good fortune. As brave people, they like to be admired for their valor.

They are very sexual, but deeply involved from a romantic standpoint. They can be over-demanding with themselves and, of course, with those around them. Jaguar is compatible with Crocodile, Rod, Hare, and Deer. Rod symbolizes light and wisdom. These people need spirituality, art and happiness all the time. They have a good gift of gab and money comes their way pretty easily. They like surprises and enjoy presenting his friends and relatives with gifts and details.

They are full of whimsical attitudes when it comes to love and he hardly gives his body and soul to his lover. He needs to be free, and has a will of his own to make decisions. Hardworking people with a flair to know where the money is.

They like luxuries, something that turns them into cocky spendthrifts. However, they know how to sock away for whatever might come in the future. Not a good boss, but an excellent advisor and collaborator. They are good businessman and shrewd diplomats. Kind, friendly and familiar as long as those around them feel the same way. They are full of energy and is always making plans for the future.

He likes changing partners and houses several times during his entire lifetime. He has a harmonic and romantic relationship with his partner whom he treats with delicacy. Yet he tends to get bored, little by little, and becomes unstable. Rabbit is compatible with Deer, Snake, Jaguar, and Dog. EAGLE is your sign if you were born on :. Closely related to the Sun, a star that gives them courage, good fortune and beauty. They like calling the shots and have power.

He is too impulsive and passionate and lets his instincts rule his reason. Takes good care of his friends and is deeply hurt by betrayal. It takes plenty of time for Eagles to get over a heavy blow dealt by life. Stability for those born under this sign hinges completely on how their love life fares. He should learn how to give in a little bit in life.

Eagle is compatible with Snake, Dog, and Eagle. Gleeful people who know how to radiate positive feelings and trustworthiness to others, He is original and creative, and his powerful imagination need to give free rein to his fantasies, otherwise boredom overtakes him and he feels frustrated. He gets sentimentally involved with his better half. He needs communication with his partner and must feel he is being both supported and understood. He wastes money. Monkey is compatible with Crocodile, Deer, Rabbit, and Monkey.

SILEX is your sign if you were born on :. The symbol of sacrifice, endeavor, creativeness, and courage. He has a strong-willed personality and aims high at risky and extremely hard to do things. He can be impetuous, yet authoritarian and rough sometimes. He must make a clean breast every now and then if he truly wants to feel better. Let your inner self break free from your heart.

Silex is compatible with Crocodile, Rod, Eagle, and Dog. DOG is your sign if you were born on :. The symbol of faithfulness and kindness. They usually think and analyze plentifully. Obsessed with perfection and bent on keeping his life as private as he can, he needs a peaceful and calm kind of job.

They are very prudent people who hardly ever dive into unexplored waters. He is extremely selective and picky when it comes to sexual partners. He should refrain from airing his opinions and views in public. Dog is compatible with Rabbit, Eagle, Silex, and Deer. The Rome Central editorial staff consists of editors, journalists, photographers, filmmakers, doctors, writers, video-makers, supporters, poets, writers, actors, singers and many friends.

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Il tonalamatl è un calendario divinatorio in uso tra le popolazioni del Messico centrale nei decenni o forse secoli precedenti la conquista spagnola. Il nome è originario della lingua Nahuatl e significa libro dei giorni. Il tonalamatl era strutturato attorno al calendario sacro di giorni, il tonalpohualli.

Questo anno era composto da 20 gruppi di 13 giorni, chiamati trecene. Ciascuna pagina di un tonalamatl rappresentava una trecena, ed era decorata con un dipinto della divinità che dominava la trecena attorniata dai segni rappresentativi di ciascuno dei 13 giorni più 13 altri glifi.

I segni dei giorni e i glifi venivano usati per trarre oroscopi e predire il futuro. I più begli esempi di tonalamatl ancora esistenti si trovano nel Codice Borbonicus e nel Codice Borgia. Altri progetti. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Altri progetti Wikimedia Commons. Portale Conquista spagnola delle Americhe : accedi alle voci di Wikipedia che trattano di Conquista spagnola delle Americhe.

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