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The tests and the verification tests of the first quadrature are now a thing of the past. Now entering a stage of stronger and sustained your turn around year! The trine of the Sun from the sign a friend of the Lion supports you with creativity, grit and well-being.

August is a month full of activities, so much so that, disconnect the mains plug to go on holiday can seem a little like closing a book on the most beautiful. Already by the end of July things are back a bit in the bike after a few weeks of delays. And the first part of August, will be even more dynamic, thanks to the beautiful Mars in a trine from the 2nd of August.

Many will decide to stay at work until mid-August or doing holiday short, not to stacanovismo but because it's worth it. Many are preparing for an important change in the work that will take place in September, when Jupiter will change its position and come into Balance. Many will begin new work experiences, in company with new partners or with new labor contracts. These changes contain the promise of a future that is more prosperous, and lucky, and many begin now to prepare the field to these features.

Anyone who performs an activity related to tourism, will have a season full of last year's, which will also extend the boundaries in And speaking of warm and holidays, those who decide to spend in the bliss of the holidays in the resorts of the usual and well-known is the right choice! Oh yes, because the last months have been intense, frantic, full of twists and at least for the summer break it would be good to have the points, sure.

This is not the case of getting tired, and, above all, of starting with people where you don't have a certain intimacy: the disappointments are always around the corner. The sky of August is bright and romantic for the love. August is a month very fertile for those looking for a son! To the lonely hearts, the summer sky promises intriguing passions to the light of the moon.

The days, the most promising are those around the 3, 13 and Venus and Mercury enter in the wonderful trine, and Mars out of his heavy opposition. After the hostilities, August brings beautiful gifts! It's about time! With the mood polished, you're ready to give yourself ready for a well deserved holiday.

And, before leaving, you can even recover brilliantly to slow down last month, with solutions radiant that come last-minute, and the novelty of preparing the ground for the next fall. Many students leave for the holidays, with agreements already concluded or negotiations well underway. For those who choose the vacation short, even in the last week — from the 23rd onwards — is extraordinarily rich.

Those who work in tourism or in the show, but also young people in search of part-time jobs, they can rely on your calls and earn extra. The creativity is soaring, and it is not excluded that under the umbrella will be the best ideas for something new to put in the yard after the summer. Many are struggling with a change of route or city and use this period to settle down and move in. It is worth sacrificing some sunshine at the beach, because the counterpart is that mix of excitement and curiosity, anticipating the departure for a new, beautiful journey.

At the end of August to go back to work, also, some new mother, after a parenthesis at the best job of all: to give life to life. And speaking of motherhood, under a sky so fertile, put them in the yard a baby will be a breeze. On the contrary, if it is not yet time, I would use some "precautionary extra". Many were born of the sign, instead, are struggling with the organization of an important event that will take place at the end of the autumn. After some bickering the organizational end of July, now back to think with more emotion and lightness to the exchange of wedding rings.

The nervousness and the tensions of June and July you leave them finally behind. For some couples has been an important test bench, that has brought to the surface disagreements and misunderstandings. Those who crossed without repercussions, now enjoys the reward of a summer more beautiful and serene, that takes you back to look forward and plan for the future together. For the few who, instead, in the past few months have seen a distance now irreparable, and the time comes to make a difficult decision, without dramas and without spite, because the strong theme of the month is feel good.

Together, if this is possible. Or taking separate ways, if this is not possible. For the lonely hearts, it is difficult not to fall in love under a sky so beautiful and powerful. The stories that are being born now are destined for a long life, perhaps even the confetti!

Throughout the month, shines with a special light, but the days of 15 and 23 have the best moments. Made see around, including aperitifs at sunset and the evenings in the streets. Also for the separated, hampered by a past which is still invasive, it is time to move on. There have been many steps forward, but someone in this period can have the feeling of turn in the wheel like a hamster and never arrive anywhere. From next month, the year changes its face with the arrival of the generous trine to Jupiter.

In your horoscope previous to I talked to this important changing of the guard that has the taste of liberation. If you missed the previous episodes, know that it finally closes a phase of de-construction difficult and in many ways painful and starts to re-construction. In the meantime, the very best antidote to alleviate nervousness and moodiness would shut down everything and go on vacation. There are those who decide not to start to tackle a problem in the last minute or to give greater impetus to an activity that has been recently launched.

And who the holidays cannot afford them, because recently he has had to balance the accounts with the past or simply because he has to work. For those August remains on the nail, there is a nervousness that is directly proportional to the increasing temperatures.

An invitation to caution is required, especially in some days with the red around the 5, 13 and Better to postpone negotiations or important decisions in the next month, under the light of the most benevolent and generous trine to Jupiter. Even if I do not exclude that someone arrived in a feud with a boss or coworker, may send a letter of resignation and try to find their fortune elsewhere. August is the angle the astral Mars and Venus is afraid to couples who are experiencing a crisis in the long, too long.

Now seriously: - voltage sparks, the words have the specific weight of the lead. Thus, focus on the communication and what you say, especially if on the horizon there is a legal separation. Couples more stable, not afraid, but there are too many things to do, expenses to manage, the thoughts for the job. Anyone who has taken recently to a new report from meets the first questions, especially if it is a story in the middle, not official or clandestine.

If you exceed this time saving, it is possible to arrive at a choice defined by both. In short, August is the final chapter of the phase severe of the year, as a prelude to a heaven more beautiful and generous. With a curious effect of an optical illusion: now that you're at the end of a tunnel you tend to see the worst side of things. On the other hand, you do not say, perhaps, that the time that precedes dawn is the darkest of the night? Maybe even Hercules come to the last of the twelve labours showed a bit of fatigue.

But they don't go back, not now. Of course, you go with feet of lead, you're not one of the easy enthusiasm, but you're going strong and a few treats for the holidays you can give. Of course, much depends on the commitments, especially for those who have just engaged in a new job. Or for the many new parents and can't move much or have to face new commitments. Those who sacrifice their holidays on the altar of the job if he repents, because this month of August lets you to score a goal important especially for those working in the media, in entertainment and in tourism.

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