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Come sarà il per il segno dello Scorpione? Simon ce ne parla in maniera approfondita e puntuale nel video che trovate in copertina dedicato all' Oroscoposegno per segno. Buon anno! Scrivi qui la parola e da cercare. I migliori articoli di oggi. Le novità della moda da MilanoFashionWeek. Le borse più belle delle sfilate AI La moda che verrà: i vestiti Autunno Inverno I cappotti più belli dalle sfilate AI L'oroscopo Il giro dell'anno in 12 segni.

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Daily Horoscope About Nadia Contacts. Scorpio Monthly Horoscope April If you were born under the sign of Scorpio, in April you will go through moments of tension in your relationships with relatives or friends. In most cases, the reason will be misunderstandings, broken promises, inappropriate comments and remarks.

You will need to overcome or help resolve problems in the lives of older relatives. During this month you will be happy with some purchase or acquisition, but when it comes to the development of your property or material problem, things can be more complicated. Expect an important event related to the family of your friends or neighbors this month.

If you have a romantic relationship recently, in April you will consider changing something in your relationship. There will be an unexpected health problem related to a person you know, and this will be related to an accident or unusual situation. Your health will also not be very stable, so avoid any kind of stress and physical exertion.

Some of the joyful or special events this month will be associated with a boy or a young man, with successes or special holidays in their personal lives. During this month, be careful with large financial transactions or if you intend to take a loan. Scorpio women will seek advice or help in resolving troubles whose solution you have not been able to find so far. Men will be on the verge of an important change in their lives, but few will find the courage and will to really make it happen. Scorpio Monthly Horoscope March If you were born under the sign of Scorpio, you have a month ahead of you in which you will have the opportunity to celebrate a special event related to a boy or a young man who is your relative or friend.

During this month you will have many more meetings or gatherings with people mostly from your circle of friends. The occasions will be different and will concern important events in your or their life. This will be an auspicious and interesting month for you with opportunities to make new acquaintances, romantic, social or professional contacts.

During this month, pay special attention to the conversations or events in the life of a girl or young woman, who may be your daughter, sister, granddaughter or other relative. The events in her life will bring a change in your life, for which she will need someone to understand, advise and support her.

In March, closely monitor the privacy of your own children, where a complex event related to unwanted interference in their lives by other people may occur. During this month, many will experience some kind of loss, which will become a chance for something new in your life. You will have dynamic communication with a person with whom you will have to settle financial matters or a document. There are unlikely to be some complications in this regard.

An invitation or proposal related to a job or an additional commitment will require more attention from you before giving your answer. During this month you will have to take care of the health of a person who was born under the earthly zodiac sign. Scorpio men will spend more time than usual for meetings and gatherings with friends. It's as if after a long winter you want to charge your batteries with more energy and new emotions.

Women will need to be more careful with their own feelings and emotions, as they can get them into unwanted relationships or situations. If you are offended or angry with someone, do not seek revenge. Your negative energy directed at this person will return with much greater force to yourself.